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MyTV Secret: A New Way of Providing Your Entertainment Fix 24/7

MyTV Secret offers a new way of getting your TV at only a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite. Our journey began with the need to save money, cutting unnecessary costs but still able to get home entertainment via LIVE TV service wherever and whenever we want. That’s how we discovered video streaming. Live video streaming has been the best choice to use on laptops and PC’s for years. We took this to another level via MyTV Secret, enabling us to watch the sports, movies and shows we want on any device, without the hassle of cable equipment, channel packages and premium rates with hidden charges.

Better Than Cable

MyTV Secret gives the best options for music videos, live sports, 24/7 news, premium movie and TV show channels all in HD formats. All at an affordable price to our customers. Cable companies let you pay premium on the costs of their installations in your area. This jacks up cable rates and premium channels for sports, movies and TV shows get packaged at higher prices. MyTV Secret lets you have all access to premium sports, movies and TV shows. Live TV service for movies and marathon series are now possible, with 24/7 options for your favorite TV shows and movies or any genre of entertainment imaginable.

We Make TV Viewing Easier

You will immediately start saving on cable, with more choices on what you want to watch without any added cost. Are you into sports? You can now watch every game whether at home or anywhere without extra equipment or cost. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and your android device. You can even take it while traveling or at hotels. Just connect the Firestick to the HDMI connection then you are instantly connected to your home service. Live TV service is easy and reasonably priced than cable. It doesn’t have added charges for premium channels or packages such as sports, movies and entertainment channels. Movie and series marathon are possible with the 24/7 option.

Our Vision and Goal

Server2 is live video streaming at its best, without delays, hold ups or pay per views. We want to spread the word on how cheap and beneficial streaming can be for households. Cheaper than cable yet never compromising on quality as all streaming is in HD. We want to deliver our live streaming services to more households all across the country. Other countries use our live streaming services and now it’s here for you to get the best entertainment and save on your bills. We opt to reach 3,000 subscribers/users and build a community to ensure good service at lower cost.

Entertainment has never been this good and cheaper than before. Start now by subscribing to our free 3 day trial and  you’ll see what MyTV Secret has to offer.