Firestick Guide – All You Need To Know About Firestick Tricks

If you are looking to cut the cord and hoping to find a good option for your cable and satellite monthly subscription, then switching to using the firestick will be a great idea. The fire stick is a one-stop fun-tertainment device where you can watch your favorite shows including all media content on-demand.

So, if you have decided to cut the cables from your home so you could cut expenses and you are thinking of a good replacement, the firestick will not disappoint in any way.

So What Is A Firestick

The firestick is a small yet powerful electronic device that is made to work with your TV HDMI ports. When you plug the device into the power cord and attach it to your HDMI port, your TV immediately becomes a supercharged media center.

If you are not sure of what an HDMI is, it is a built-in input on some smart TVs that allows users to connect third-party devices like the firestick to your television screen. For instance, you can connect your laptop with your TV screen so you can enjoy the full screen visual sourced from the laptop on your television.

How Does a Fire Stick Work?

This powerful device is gradually becoming everybody’s delight especially if you are addicted to online TV streamings. and if you are trying to save some money off your cable and satellite providers, this option might be what you are looking for.

All firestick including the Amazon firestick requires that you have an internet connection to make it work flawlessly. A better option is to connect the firestick using the wifi however if your wifi is broken, you can connect using the Ethernet cable.

Once connected to the web, the firestick is specially built to automatically take you through the steps needed for an instant setup process and connect you to your provider.

When connected you have a wide option on what to watch, as you have access to any content like videos and music that you subscribed to. Your favorite shows and movies will all be at your palm through the firestick device.

For the Amazon Fire TV, you have an Alexa Voice Remote which allows you to ask Alexa to find you your favorite movies or television shows and get streaming.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick?

The firestick is packed full with features and benefits and it can access over 15,000 games and apps at a go including Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, ESPN, and many more.

However, if you still have some local channels you love to watch the device still allows you to enjoy your favorite local shows using the TV aerials and if you have no aerial you can download and access the TV player app to your firestick. You can still enjoy all your catch-up services on the firestick if you want those as well.

This is not to say that you can access your local channels through firestick but you can access some cable channels if you are subscribed to SlingTV which is also an app on the firestick.

Getting your firestick to stream live TV is simply straight forward, all that is needed is simply to download the TV Player app from Amazon store.

How to Get Free Sports Channel On a Fire Stick

One of the best features of firestick is the sheer volume of media content built inside. There is enough content to go round every subscriber and keep them glued to their TV screen for decades.

However, if you are a sport or news lover, some service providers lack these channels and you might miss out on your live sporting events or some breaking news.

You must use a VPN

Presently, it seems very difficult to stream over the internet with full speed as many of the ISPs are forced to block channels and servers and also reduce the browsing speeds of most streamers ie if you are detected to be using their service to watch live channels.

The best way out of this dilemma is to use a VPN.

VPN helps you stay anonymous and hide your activities from this ISP and give you a sense of security and safety. However, many streamers use VPN for more important benefits as they tend to use it to watch some sporting events.

Many sporting events have the country and channel restrictions which make it hard for some people living in some particular part of the world to watch these channels however, using a VPN saves you so much stress and saves you from being monitored by the ISPs.

What is the Cost of a Firestick?

The cost of a firestick differs from one service provider to another. The Fire TV stick is an Amazon model and can stream up 1080p HD fro a tiny HDMI stick and costing about $39.99 which also comes with Alexa Voice Control feature. With this price and all the benefits you get when you subscribe, the deal is almost a steal.

You will get access to hundreds of apps and channels just like you have in with the Fire TV only there are just a few downsides when we have to compare the two together.

Here is some difference that should help you differentiate between the two models and hopefully give you a clear insight on which to go for in case you want to start cutting the cord and save yourself some heavy subscription fees from cable and satellite ISP dealers.

The first thing to notice is that if you have a 4k TV set, you will only be able to stream 1080p content and secondly the firestick comes with an internal storage of about 8GB with a memory space of 1 GB.

These features can limit the amount of downloadable content you can store on the device without streaming and also it limits your ability to enjoy some playing time with your favorite games, especially graphically intense games that are made available in the app store.

Therefore to play games on this model, you have to have a controller because the standard remote it comes with lacks compatibility with most controllers.

However, Amazon offers its subscribers its own Bluetooth controller, and its made to be compatible with most major (third party) Bluetooth game controllers like the PS4s or the Dualshock 4.

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