Guide To live TV streaming

Are you looking to cut down on needless cable and satellite expenses, live TV streaming could be your best option as its getting more popular with the Millennials and is considered the best alternative for satellite and cable TV broadcasts.

There are lots of huge similarities between these two broadcasting communication; Live TV streams work almost like traditional TV in your homes with traditional channels, DVD functions, and guides to make easy navigation for users. Also, both traditional TV broadcasts and live TV streaming can air their content live at a specific time on a defined channel. However, Live TV streaming brings entertainment to you via the internet while the traditional TV broadcast uses cable and satellite dishes.

So instead of downloading files to your PC or device, Live streaming allows users to watch or listen to favorite programs in “real-time” therefore, with internet webcasts of live events happening around the world, there is no file to download as the content is streamed through continuous usage of the data.

Today, many people are seriously considering opting to cancel their cable service subscription as they considered it a bit expensive when compared to watching their favorite programs being streamed via the internet.

And with the growing numbers of TV streaming service, and the ‘unlimited channels’ at your disposal you tend to wonder if switching to watching live streams on your computer is better off on the long run or whether you are saving money or you might end up paying more than necessary to watch your channels stream live on your computer.

On face value, TV streaming over the internet looks cheaper especially when considering services from an organization like Netflix when compared to traditional cable and satellite broadcast, but the reality is that you may end up paying more than what you bargained for if your entertainment need is very selective.

What does it mean to stream live TV?

Live TV streaming is quite a relatively new concept. Live streaming means sending video or audio information to users over a private network to your computer. How it works is that the streams are recorded inside a hard drive and transmitted over the internet to your PC.

However, it is just not about recorded streams, you can also do “live stream” content just the same time the event is happening. With live TV streaming, it doesn’t matter where you are located, people anywhere around the world can watch live streaming programs on their computer if they wish to.

Stream shows can be watched on smart TVs as well as regular TV attached to your smart device like Apple TV, Roku, etc.

How does live streaming of TV channels work?

Live TV streaming works in different ways with lots of options for users. If you are looking for satellite or cable TV experience, services like DirecTV NOW, YouTube, Hulu, or sling are some good options and there are still lots of them out there. With a quick Google search, you can uncover many other options that will serve you better.

Considering your location, you can also have the OTA (Over The Air) TV that can offer a couple of stations. If you live anywhere close to Memphis, you can a OTA of close to 50 channels with crystal clear signal. Also, some local vendors offer apps with options for buying monthly subscriptions.

What do I need to stream to my TV?

Here are some ways you can easily stream you live Tv to your audience

  • Set up Boxes / Streaming Sticks – This requires a simple plugin into your TV through HDMI with hundreds of streaming apps available for download. Amazon TV, Roku, and AppleTV are some brands that offer this type of TV streaming.
  • SmartTV – you need to have the apps installed on your device or you download the app to enjoy the crystal clear streaming experience directly on your TV – this does not require any streaming device to work.
  • Gaming Console – you can download Xbox and PlayStation apps to enjoy the streaming experience.
  • Screen Mirroring – This format broadcast content from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to a TV through a screen device.

The hidden costs of Live TV Streaming

You Cant Add with Other Services

Live TV streams cannot be bundled with other services. However, while it seems the running cost of maintaining a satellite or cable might seem expensive, you can easily maintain the subscription and make it cheaper when you add your cable/satellite subscription with other services like with internet or phone services.

Most people do not realize the potential benefits of bundling deals when it comes to subscribing to traditional TV broadcasts.

TV Streaming Cost

Watching movies and TV shows require that you invest in some other devices that can connect you to the internet. These devices make it possible for you to watch your favorite TV broadcast or watch live events as its happening.

Devices like AppleTV, Chromecast, or Roku can cost anywhere between $40 to $100.

Data Limit

Streaming hard quality (HD) contents can gobble up between 1GB to 2GB of data per hour. So if you want to enjoy streaming broadcast on your smart TV or your computer, you should consider having an average of 150GB of data every month for a single viewer, while subscribing for unlimited plans with decent upload and download speed tend to be more expensive.

Multiple Service For Multiple Streams

It could get more expensive if you desire to have access to watching TV and movies including able to stream live sports programs as you will need to subscribe to multiple services like Netflix and ESPN+

In conclusion, switching over to using Live TV streaming over cable or satellite broadcasting might looks easy and cheap to maintain, however, if you are the type who wants lots of options with your streaming channels, you could at the long run be paying more in expenses compared to subscribing for the traditional cable or satellite broadcast.

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