What is soplayer

Soplayer is a middleware free app for users who wants to enjoy IPTV/OTTA streams. However, the so player app does not deliver streaming content that is made available over the internet on its own.

Put differently, so play helps users to manage their live streaming channels, voice-on-demand content, catchup TV, Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) radio channels, etc.

The app can be installed with any compatible streaming devices; which helps to deliver interactive services to users through an IP based network.

The app does not require any signup as it is not a subscription-based app.

However, to fully utilize this app you will need an IPTV log in details to make the SOPlay app work; and this is available in many play stores. All you need is to simply install the app and enter the activation details to log in (which was given to you by your  service provider).

This is why it is necessary to sign up with a reliable service provider first before installing the app, and they will help you to activate the soplay app. Just note that soplay cannot work alone to bring live streaming TV as it has to work with an IPTV provider.

SO Player Subscription

As said earlier to fully enjoy the benefit of using the so play app, an IPTV provider must be on hand to help activate the app to work through the login details that the service provider offers.

The app cannot deliver live TV and on-demand-content on its own. So, you will need to search for the best IPTV service provider that best suits your need before downloading and installing the middleware app.

The subscription of the soplayer app has to be done through your service provider and they will quickly activate your subscription the moment you log in with the login details you received when you pay for your subscription via email.

The service provider has all the information and instructions on their website plus the download links. Although not all service providers offers a paid subscription for first-timers, some offer free subscription while some also offer a $1 trial with different subscription packages.

So-Player Set Up Requirements

Setting up the soplay is very easy and the requirements are very straight forward. Here is what you need to set up your so play:

  1. You will need to have a high-speed internet connection. The least connection that will work for this set up should be 50-60 Mbps or anything higher should be better.
  2. A compatible streaming device.
  3. So player app -download and install on any compatible device.

Compatible Devices

There are numbers of compatible devices that work perfectly with so player TV app such as:

  • Ios Mobile
  • Amazon Fire TV Devices (smart TVs)
  • Android Phone & Tablet
  • AndroidTV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Windows Computer
  • Apple TV
  • Mac Computer (Macbook)

One of the best devices that offers great performance and widely used streaming device is the Amazon Fire TV Stick which cost around $50-60. If you cant find the soplay app in the smart television app store, you can sideload the SoPlay apk file with any downloader.

And you can always contact the IPTV support for any issue surrounding installing the app on your device. However, if the issue is not from the IPTV service provider, then it could mean either the app or the device is not compatible with the soplay app.

How to Download App to Your Device

The best way to download the app to your device is to firstly, find a reliable IPTV service provider that uses Soplayer. The service provider will give you all the information you need like which device is compatible with your app.

The information you get will also include the service provider’s subscription package including information like installation and downloading can be found on their F&Q section on their website.

Here is a simple step on how to install So player on your android device…

  1. Navigate to the home screen of your Android device
  2. Go to your apps and click on the chrome web browser
  3. Type http:/app.soplayer.ca/soplayer.apk on the browsers search bar
  4. Download and install the SO player APK
  5. Open the soplayer app

How to Install SOPlayer on Windows Computer

To install the app on your window PC, you will need to use your browser; I suggest you use the chrome app web browser. From the search bar, type in soplay and press the enter key and you will notice the app is being downloaded.

After it is finished downloading, you need to click the install to install it on your device. When done, open your start menu and look for the so player app you just installed when you find the app right-click on it and pin to start menu (this makes it easy to open the app from the Start menu)

To make the app work or activate the app, you will need to type in the login details you received from your IPTV service provider. You can always find these details in your registered email box which will include your username and password.

Click on the login and you are good to go.

SO Player APK Instead of APP

If you are going to be using the Amazon Fire device or other compatible devices, you will need the soplayer APK file installed. If you cannot find the Soplayer app to download from your internal app store, the APK offers an alternative way to download and install the SOPlay streaming device.

There are other steps necessary to complete this installation however, the steps are very easy to follow and easy to do.

Why SO Player App?

The SOPlayer app is one of the finest IPTV apps available to help you connect to the IPTV service you preferred to watch your online television. Although some IPTV services have Nora Go to connect with their device some have come to rely on using the SOPlayer which is getting more popular with online streamers as of late.

SOPlay app can work with many devices but before downloading and installing the app on your device, make sure you first seek an IPTV service provider’s opinion if your device will be compatible with using the app.

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